Saturday, March 7, 2015


Just a checking-in post to say that I'm playing around at tumblr:

It's just my speed these days, for those of us who still don't take pictures with our phones (sorry app-that's-shaped-like-a-little-camera).

So, find us over there for now, while it's quiet here.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

day by day.

Because time spent here with the blog will be infrequent in the upcoming weeks (and months, and...), it didn't feel right to just stop without warning, at least for my own demarcation-needing self.

Photos have dwindled in the past months, recording life has gone by the wayside, and I'm finding myself in a situation where we are simply figuring out how to get through each day at a time, working out what it means to be homeschooling a, um, strong-willed young teenager trying to find her place in the world, and a patient and curious but still young and needy gradeschooler with her own problems to fight
(And I can't even talk about the weather without simple numbing fatigue.  I am not prepared, in body, mind, or spirit, for four months solid of "mid-January," which is where we've been for going-on-two weeks straight - temps high in the teens when it should be upper 30's.)

Just shooting photos around the house makes me miss doing it, and having only a handful of pictures saved in the monthly file is sad, so hopefully I will be able to keep up more than I think I can, but I also very much can't feel like I need to do anything extra.  It's time to keep taking care of our little family.

Notes:  K is a smart, mostly-happy, almost teen who loves talking with her friends on e-mail and playing "minetest."  She still loves drawing and the 11th Doctor, has an incredible imagination, likes playing basketball, loves watching movies, and continues to read dozens of books a week.  She puts up with our homeschooling even though she's smarter than she should be.  (She puts up with math lessons because she's really a geek at heart.)  Gret loves knitting and sewing and doing things with her hands, drawing, math, science, and This Old House magazine and watching Love-it-or-List-it on Netflix with me when K is at basketball practice with Dad.  Oh, and "minetest," too!  (She puts up with reading because she lives in a house with more than eleven large full bookcases and doesn't have much choice.)  There!  Do I have to write a Christmas letter now?

So, finally, don't call this goodbye;  just, you know:  see-you-sooner-or-later.