Wednesday, June 11, 2014

cousin love, 1000 miles.

The best kind of trip:  where you can sleep in Narnia, where walking the dog around the neighborhood is a hike, where the trip across Nebraska isn't so bad in a brand-spankin-new van along with Grandma and Grandpa.  (Sorry about what it looked like by the time we got back at home, Dad.)

Our Girls' Trip to the mountains was loved by all, with the daily adventures right outside.  "New" neighbors to play with, new plants to draw and try to name, and the view from the grocery store parking lot deserving a park bench.  My poor brother might have been outnumbered 7 to 2 (counting the dog) but there was lots of help around the house with all us girls (hopefully).   Kaatje, anticipating boredom, signed up at the beginning of the week for the local library's teen summer reading program (with her Auntie) and finished in that week, picking up her prize(s) on our way out of town.  Greta was in a bubble!(?!)

We hiked for "real," took lots of pictures, read some, played a lot, talked a lot, went for a few runs (me) - slow in this thin air, and celebrated the new wee one's baptism.  Much love.

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  1. Love these pics! Especially G playing piano and getting her hair brushed. Seem like little C(? - is she really that big already??) adores her older cousin. So sweet!